Back to Italy: a possible future for some, a starting point for the OLIM’s Synthesis suitcase

After years of Italian entrepreneurs outsourcing to keep their supply chain costs at bay, nowadays Twitter and Facebook are emphasizing the #backtoitaly hashtag related to the conference in Milan on 13 November: important Made in Italy fashion and luxury brands meet to discuss whether bringing back production to Italy is viable or not. The advantage would be the safety of the quality of craftsmanship Italian, the downside would be costs.

When it comes to real, tangible quality, to skills and talents that make a difference, how relevant can the price difference be?

Back to Italy is then a perspective for long-gone fashion and design… For OLIM, however, it is an essential starting point, also for the important economic and social repercussions for our country.
From the concept of the OLIM’s Synthesis suitcase, in fact, quality has been the essential guiding element, and the pursuit of excellence the only criteria to be followed in the selection of materials, artisans and all suppliers and partners.

A total quality made of advanced technology, intuition, manufacturing experience and refined materials. OLIM Synthesis is all this, an incredibly Italian suitcase that will provide travellers with an example not only of Made in Italy, but Well Made in Italy.