Between past and future, the evolution of the suitcase

Your luggage, all you carry with you, has always varied according to several factors: the purpose and duration of the journey, the means of transport used, the personal effects to take with you; luggage therefore represents an important witness its time, able to tell some aspects of the style and the spirit with which we face the journey in different historical periods.

The dawn of the concept of case can be found in ancient Egypt, when “the journey” was for the afterlife, and the most privileged were buried near finely carved trunks and chests containing a variety of everyday objects as well as cosmetics and textiles. Trunks and chests in wood and bronze were also used by the Romans and Greeks during their long journeys by sea and land; as did the Vikings in the Middle Ages in their raids by sea. Pilgrims, on the other hand, travelled lightly: saddlebags containing the bare minimum for their journey.
The discovery of America and the intensification of transoceanic exchanges followed by the advent of steam transport (trains and ships), in the 19th century style and travel requirements introduced a concept of luggage more like today’s, designed for temporary periods (even if very long) and that did not include some sort of moving house as in the previous century, but a set of objects, clothes, documents that could make the trip more comfortable: even in this time we find trunks matched to hatboxes, containers which are easy to transport treated in a boat or train carriage.

The trunk dominated for centuries as the main travel container until the advent of new means of transport, such as the airplane and the car, made travelling easier, faster and, above all, shorter. Hence the modern concept of the suitcase, declined in all its possible variants: from the small, medium, large, extra large suitcases, 24 hours, backpacks, duffel bags to must-have travel accessories like beauty cases and those for special needs such as garment bags, shoe racks and laundry carriers.

We argue that, if we were to make a prediction on the future development of the case, it would be to ask frequent travellers about the limitations and hardships they facing with their luggage.

Solving these problems is OLIM’s mission, with an innovative concept of suitcase designed to give everyone the baggage they need in that moment, freed from the uncomfortable need to fill the cupboards of bags, trolleys or other containers each one suitable for just its specific requirement.

How is this possible?
Thanks to a travel article which is smart, versatile, able to adapt from time to time to the situation of the moment.

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