Hard side or soft side luggage? Trolley or travel bag?

Hard side or soft side luggage? Trolley or travel bag? Pros and cons level up in each of the solutions available nowadays, and travellers know that, to cope with the needs of each journey, unfortunately, one must stock up with a wide range of luggage.
We asked some fellow travellers …

Convenience or elegance?

It all depends on the use you make of it. Travel bags in leather, fabric, technical material are now often more elegant and aesthetically refined than a normal trolley, but the handles or straps force you to carry the weight on one arm or one shoulder. The trolley, on the other hand, lies on wheels and dragging it is  effortless.

Capacity or resistance?

The soft suitcase is perceived as bigger, because thanks to its elasticity it is able to adapt more easily to the content, and allow for a smooth closing even when filled to the brim. The hard suitcase, for its part, is perceived to be more resistant to the journey and the (mis)treatment it suffers at airports or baggage rooms.

Safety or weight?

It is often thought that the heavier weight is due to the safety and strength of the case that, with a more solid structure, is able to ensure greater protection for its contents. less experienced travellers tend to overlook the fact that the weight of the suitcase is not only determined by its content but also by its structure. This “detail” becomes crucial when travelling by air (e.g. with low-cost airlines, which tend to be quite strict on the maximum luggage weight) or when you are planning on carrying your luggage for a while.

The features behind the design of OLIM’s suitcase start from the analysis and the use of products currently on the market.
With our vision of a suitcase that can answer all needs, we want to go further: OLIM’s suitcase wants to be an uncompromised solution capable of meeting all the requirements.

A practical but stylish suitcase, thanks to a design that combines ergonomics and design. A large and  lightweight suitcase, durable and safe thanks to the cutting-edge materials and innovative technical solutions with which it is built.

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