How does your holiday luggage differ from luggage for business travelling?

As we know, baggage largely depends on the purpose of the trip: a person can reach the same destination with quite different suitcases and accessories depending on whether one is travelling for business or pleasure. This is September, the month that, especially in Italy, is the boundary between the period of summer holiday travelling and business travelling. But how does it change the luggage? Does it only affect the contents of the suitcase or also the way you travel? Probably both.

The luggage for business travelling requires practicality but at the same time carrying documents, laptops, formal clothing. The holiday means relaxation, informality, and requires storage for the most diverse sports equipment. It’s impossible to draw a unique profile for the types of travellers, but, to those with some familiarity with airports, it’s easy to tell those who travel for work and leisure travellers: backpacks and very large suitcases are synonymous with holiday people; trolley, laptop bag and possibly garment bag clearly identify the business travellers.

So the wardrobe of every one of us should (and probably does!) have as many shapes and sizes of luggage as there are reasons and needs we use them for.

What if there was an alternative? A versatile suitcase, able to adapt from time to time to the needs of the next trip?

We have thought about it and we will be shortly able to share with you the key that OLIM’s suitcase wants to be in the way we travel.

Coming soon…  on this website!