Innovative Startup

OLIM Srl - Innovative Startup

To Innovate

Innovate = make changes in something established to do something new.

Born innovators?

We are not able to answer this question, but we strongly believe you can become one: to observe the daily life with new eyes and seize the opportunities that are met, are steps that naturally lead to be innovators.

OLIM Srl designs, manufactures and markets innovative luggage; is in the startup phase and was formed with the aim of transforming the idea of ​​a Made in Italy and alternative suitcase into a business.

The company has been enrolled in the special Innovative Startup section of the Business Register and this is a high recognition of the innovation that belongs to the corporate DNA.

Being a Startup, in our eyes, does not only mean being in the difficult start-up phase; it means having faith in your business idea, have confidence in our country, and especially in the future.

OLIM Srl really is an Innovative Startup.