OLIM, a case different by vocation

With OLIM we are giving shape to a project, to propose and launch a suitcase that is not only original, smart and functional but also able to express the values ​​of the people who make up the heart of the company: OLIM, in fact, is an innovative start up company that is betting on real, tangible quality, made of research, design and social responsibility.
This last point, probably the most relevant, is the one which we have no intention of giving up, and can be seen in many aspects of the case to come.

First, sustainability, considered in its broadest sense: environmental compatibility of the materials used, the implementation of an industrial plan that respects the environment and people through the optimization of production processes and marketing strategies.

Moreover, social responsibility for us also means true, real benefits for the community.
Made in Italy, as well as being a guarantee of quality for the user of OLIM’s suitcase must convey the idea that as of now a better future is possible, even in Italy.

But what happens when, in view of the pursuit of excellence, you find out that for some advanced materials and processes there are more experienced and specialized places abroad than in Italy, which is still at the testing phase?
Made in Italy for OLIM also means learning and development with a view to growth made of exchange and collaboration. So we got in touch with a foreign public body and a company which are willing to share and transfer their know-how. It will be OLIM’s task, with its network of partnerships in Italy, to invent a new scope.

The mission, the concept on which our project is founded are already in the name: OLIM, which means both “once” and “one day”, then, is the perfect mix between experience and future, tradition and innovation, capable craftsmanship and global thinking.