OLIM has filed a patent application for the innovative concept of its suitcase.

We have made another step further and, after a thorough research, analysis and design phase, we have filed the patent application for the innovative suitcase we have created. The key to the project, in fact, is related to its groundbreaking concept that wants to offer the sector of luggage a versatile and practical suitcase, that solves many of the inconveniences that frequent travellers face with the usual baggage.

OLIM’s suitcase offers a long sought solution, but before revealing it officially, official research by the Patent Office is necessary. A few more months of waiting, therefore, that will allow us to grow further and to weld the valuable partnerships that will make our special craft a quality item, a combination of design, versatility and environmental sustainability.

On this site we will keep you updated on the next step, aimed at a single goal: to become your helpful travel companions.