OLIM - History


It all began with an intuition born during our journeys. For nearly two years it was kept in a drawer, where so many dreams often stay.

Our dream, instead, took shape, strength, value, so we decided to find answers, take notes and measurements, draw sketches.

Hence the idea of ​​a different, innovative and practical suitcase; to improve the habits acquired over the centuries by travellers and, for its part, to also help the environment.

The drawer has been opened, the dream has become a project and OLIM Srl, an innovative startup founded in November 2012, is its custodian.

We chose Olim, a Latin word, because it combines a dual meaning related to time: once, when referring to the past; one day, when referring to the future.

 This content fully meets that of our project, which aims to combine the ancient nature of travelling with the requirements dictated by modern times: the result is the improvement of the habits of travellers of today and tomorrow.