OLIM Synthesis, a business trolley?

Pilot case OLIM SynthesisMeeting clients carrying a laptop and all necessary documents, collecting new ideas by visiting a trade show, always being able to count on a bit of room to have the most important things with you. These, along with a thousand other possible uses, are some of the requirements trolleys for business trips, or ‘pilot case‘ or ‘pilot‘ because its shape comes from the cases airplane pilots carry with them in the cockpit, respond to.

The pilot case is used daily to go to work or on business trips; it must be large, easy to carry and compact enough to be carried as hand luggage, and not to take up too much space in public transport. It must also be robust enough to withstand heavy usage.

All features that OLIM Synthesis possesses, a blend of quality, cutting-edge materials and Italian style, making it a useful travel and business trolley.

Only this? Of course not!
OLIM Syntehsis’ idea of suitcase begins to unravel …