OLIM Synthesis: a name that reveals the soul of OLIM’s suitcase

After these exciting months of incubation, ferment, research and development we are beginning to discover the first details of the new Made in Italy suitcase that aims to improve the comfort for both businesspeople on the go and leisure travellers.

NAME: OLIM Synthesis

OLIM is Latin for “once” when referring to the past, or “one day” when referring to the future; SYNTHESIS in Latin means “composition”, “put together” and in general a “combination of parts or elements whose purpose or result is to form a whole.”
OLIM Synthesis, therefore, well interprets the vision of the product that looks to the past for quality and design, referring to the Italian tradition of craftsmanship and originality, and at the same time also to the future, offering a suitcase that’s innovative in its expandable and versatile concept, its environmentally friendly materials and more.

If to innovate means “to alter the established order of things to do new things,” OLIM’s Synthesis suitcase totally reflects this concept, even in its name!

Shortly on this website details on the suitcase designed to solve common and widely felt travellers’ problems, but also to provide a new and modern travel experience.