OLIM Synthesis, a suitcase which is much more than two empty shells

Think of a luggage shop, what comes to your mind?

Probably rows of trolleys (the largest behind and the small ones in front, as in a group photo!), the only differentiation being between rigid suitcases and soft duffel bags. The impression you get, then, is that there are no other factors that can distinguish a product from another: in our imagination a suitcase seems to be nothing but the coupling of two empty shells to be chosen according to the amount of stuff it is expected to contain.

What is the latest innovation related luggage you can remember of?
What if there were more? What if the distinctive factors of a suitcase, a trolley, a duffel bag were also others?

The general concept of the suitcase for example.
No more just two shells making up an empty box but a completely different structure that allows you to effectively manage your luggage knowing exactly “where to put what”: from the short trip to the long holiday, from the business trip with laptop and documents to the outdoor ceremony with long dresses and heels, from “throw everything into the car” to flights with strict distinction between checked-in and hand luggage.

From the design to the choice of its name OLIM Synthesis is in fact a synthesis of all these discriminating factors.
While awaiting the next news, try asking yourselves what you would really like from your new suitcase!