One year with OLIM. A journey to tell and share

Christmas is coming and with it the end of 2014. Time to take stock, that want to share to tell about our journey up to here.

This year was pounding, challenging and exciting and allowed a sketched idea to turn into reality. OLIM Synthesis, the case we have built with the intention of transforming the way we travel, is the offspring of the direct experience of those who are always on the go and have experienced on their own skin the perfectibility of the “baggage system” so far conceived. This need has given shape to the design of the suitcase OLIM Synthesis, a mix of innovation, technology and creativity.

From the concept we then moved on to the processing of prototypes: yes, there has been more than one! Because you need to design, implement, test, confirm or sometimes abandon and take a new road. At this stage we involved designers, engineers, prototype developers, craftsmen and the well-known laboratory / workshop FabLab of Reggio Emilia. In all a group of exceptional people we would like to thank because they are bringing not only their skills but also their hearts to the project of the suitcase OLIM Synthesis.

At the same time, maintaining the pursuit of excellence as a benchmark, we have confirmed the choice of using sustainable materials produced in Europe and crafted in Italy, normally associated with other uses and areas (including industrial), and decided to apply them to the field of luggage. At this stage we involved a European authority that has made sure to transfer the necessary know-how, allowing laboratories, craftsmen and companies in Italy willing to get involved and to explore new paths, to open new glimmers of national development.

Moreover, maintaining OLIM in the special section of the Companies House dedicated to Innovative Start-ups allowed us to participate, with great satisfaction, to several public and private dedicated competitions, obtaining important spurs to move forward with perseverance and courage.

Finally, to conclude this important year, we filed an application for the extension of the Patent abroad, the attainment of which will be one of the first targets of 2015. The suitcase OLIM Synthesis will be finally revealed in every detail!

For OLIM, then, 2014 was a very important year, made of research, experimentation, hard work and dedication. So that 2015 can mean, for us and for you, a new charming and engaging journey.