The new meanings of luxury: from the object to the emotion, during the journey and beyond

A general tendency to look at the essence of things, and not only their appearance, is gradually giving precedence to the concept of real quality on that of status symbol, much in vogue until a few years ago.
According to a recent survey by Censis, the new concept of luxury is not so much related to the possession of something as to its use, and the emotion it brings. For this reason, even during the crisis years, the trend is to prefer quality in every area: from food to clothing, from cars to travelling.

The privilege to be attained therefore is not to have expensive items to show off, but the ability to customize quality products or services and have time to enjoy them, to treat yourself to emotions that make our everyday lives, as well as our extras, special.

The OLIM Synthesis suitcase fully embraces this change of thought: it is not only a new suitcase that stands out in the crowd, but a travel article that intends to give a different experience, a modern way of conceiving the luggage and the journey itself.
The quality of materials and technical and technological equipment are its foundations, but its essence looks further, up to act as a suitcase suitable for all kinds of journeys.

Its secret?
The uniqueness, meaning the ability to transform according to the requirements it must meet, making it very personal and exclusive, a beautiful object to be possessed, but especially exciting to be experienced!