Travel Articles: more and more innovative

Whether it’s bags or accessories, travel goods have become increasingly innovative over time. The reason is that travellers are increasingly in need of making  their journeys comfortable and pleasant: organizing a trip and dealing with it, both for frequent travellers and for newcomers, means facing a number of small problems or inconveniences that might cause your smile to fade … having a handy luggage that meets your needs, habits, and small privileges of everyday life allows you to leave more light-heartedly.

But what makes a travel article innovative?

Talking about the suitcase, certainly a concept that’s different from those commonly known and the material with which it is built are characteristics that can distinguish it as being new to the market. The invention of the trolley, for example, in 1988 by Robert Plath, represented a real innovation at the time, as well as the use, in the 90’s, of advanced materials such as polypropylene, ABS and Polycarbonate, replacing nylon and polyester, to obtain durable and always lighter suitcases.

Talking about the travel accessories, undoubtedly the usefulness and the services they offer to increase comfort during the journey can define them as innovative: from the now dated sleep kit (pillow, slippers and sleep mask), to the most recent and fun accessories such as the portable washing machine or portable map projector.

In addition to having these peculiarities, we at OLIM think that a case must also be modern, technological and versatile, to guarantee a new travel experience.

A different concept, advanced materials, technology and versatility… OLIM’s suitcase is taking shape, please visit our website in the coming months to discover it.